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Tequila Night Club

Paul Who and I have started a new semi-regular gig at the Tequila Night Club. For the last year + I’ve been splitting my time between the Barking Fish Lounge, Six Twelve Lounge and Spadina Freehouse. But I’m excited to get back into some big room banger and mashup style beats. So catch Paul Who and I once or twice a month at Tequila. Our next show is Saturday, Aug 28th. Just got back from the Black Eyed Peas after party and it went off. Will, Apl and Taboo were all there on stage playing around and setting the crowd on fire.

Posted by: Alberto | February 16, 2009

Recent Photos

Yo. Been busy. Instead of boring everyone with details, here’s what Mal-one and I been up to.

Posted by: Alberto | December 8, 2008

New Years Eve: BarKing Fish

2009. Great way to ring in the Year of the Ox.

Tix $20, 

available at The Granary, BarKingFish, 2nd Ave Grill, Momentum on 8th, Momentum Marketplace, and Outtabounds


Posted by: Alberto | October 25, 2008

Halloween at the Hose


Come to the scary.

Come to the scary.

Posted by: Alberto | October 1, 2008


Guten Tag.

Guten Tag.

Hey fans. I’m finally caught up on sleep and rest after a busy September. LB5Q was a hit from what I saw. The tent I was in was packed all night, but I guess there was no one on the grounds, outside the tent after midnight. This week, I just got the bat signal that I’m playing at Edtoberfest. The annual Education beerfest is being held at the Cosmo Centre beside the Hose and Hydrant. This Friday will mark the first time that I’ll be playing with Mal-one from Calgary. Some of you might recognize him from his mind blogging beat-boxing set he’s done at the last LB5Qs. We’ve been secretly working together at a few underground events, but are ready to tackle a good ol’ SK party as one. We’ll keep the dance floor burning with fast mixes ranging from hip hop, electro and house. Hope to see you there.

Posted by: Alberto | August 28, 2008

Fall Update. Now the fun begins.

Follow carefully.

It’s been a quiet summer for, mostly because I’ve been busy with life. But it’s a new school season and that only means one thing: Play time. 

I’m busy with a slate of gigs coming up in the next few weeks. 

Thursday, Aug 28th – Athena SPECKLEBELLY Lounge

Tuesday, Sept 2nd (all day) – U of S Orientation in the Bowl

Thursday, Sept 4th – Athena SPECKLEBELLY Lounge

Monday, Sept 8th – Commerce LB5Q

Thursday, Sept 11th – Athena SPECKLEBELLY Lounge

The highlight is definitely going to be the LB5Q. They’re expecting big things this year. I heard they are aiming for 4500 people, which would be just nuts. Get your tickets quick, it sold out last year and I had people I’ve never met begging me to get them a ticket.

Posted by: Alberto | July 17, 2008

Quick Update. Summer’s been crazy.

Crazy with my day job and general life. My sister just got married. I managed to sneak in a quick impromptu set among some of Saskatoon’s notables: Dr. J, Trouble from Wired, Charlie Hustle and Clyde. Vibe was good. 

I filled in at the Hose & Hydrant last month. I’m still waiting to get the call to fill in on a weekend, when I’m actually in town. I might around for some Fringe Festival tent action.

My big gig for August is on the long weekend for the Disk Odessy Ultimate tournament party. From what I hear, it’s a big shaker where teams from AB, MB and SK do battle on the pitch and in the bar. It’s outdoor at the Rugby Club. Never played there before, so I’m looking forward to it.

The next night, I’m emcee-ing a close friends wedding. I’m sort of nervous because there is something like 400 people coming. They hired a traditional DJ company, but I’m going to play from 11:30 and on, when all the mamas and papas leave. 

At the end of the month I’m playing another friends wedding. It’s a very close friend, and they understand it’s not my thing, but when I know the majority of the people, a wedding can be a good time. It’s just when you’re hired on at a wedding where you don’t know anyone, those are the parties I can do without.

Come the beginning of Sept, I get to welcome the new university students to Saskatoon at the Orientation. I’ll be playing in the bowl from the morning and into the evening. It’s taxing on the brain to come up with a days worth of music. As I get older, I become less relevant with newbies. What’s Screamo?

I’m tentatively booked again for Commerce BBQ. This is pure mayhem. Last year it was 3000 large and this year is sure to beat it out of the water. Can’t wait.

I’m currently talking with another DJ from Calgary to host a benefit event for cancer. Might be early as September. Keep you posted.

Anyways, thanks for listening. We’ll see you when we see you.


Friday, I’m set to play at Athena’s Speckle Belly’s lounge. This marks the first time that Athena’s going to have a DJ (or so I’m told). The set goes from 8-10, but judging from my previous times at Athenas, I have a feeling it’ll go until someone unplugs my equipment or knocks me out. Last time I played for the ASS Club, things got outta control and the po-po told us we were rocking too hard, and promptly told us rock to a lesser amount.

I’ve been away for a while travelling, and have beefed up the ol’ music collection. So expect some bone-shaking 80s and brodiculous beats from all over the board. If you want Nickleback, go back to your farm.

For those of you in the know, and are interested in checking out some Class Five Snowboards, I’ll have a few samples at the party so you’ll know what to ask for xmas next year.

Posted by: Alberto | January 19, 2008

Kickin’ it old school

 The best thing about not being a resident DJ is the ability to setup virtually anywhere and lay down beats for a willing audience. Case in point Voyager Place Residence. My friend Steve (Mal-One), a resident RA invited me to co-DJ, what he promised to be, the res party of all res parties. When used to live in res *cough* ten years ago *cough*, res parties were “drink your face off so or else the party will suck”. Not this time around. Shared between two suites converted to mini-clubs, Mal-one and Albert (yes, I did indeed refer to myself in the third person) rocked it for as long as were allowed. The crowd was tight and pumped full of Yag-bombs, so needless to say the floor feeling our mixes of hip-hop and house. The only bummer was that the res parties have to end at midnight. Always keep em’ wanting more was an understatement to say the least. Big ups to Mal-One and his dorm room pals for making this a responsible evening of debauchery. Click here to download latest Mal-One mixes.


Mal-One and Albert

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Masquerade 2008

Growing up in Saskatchewan, many of you can relate, most of the parties are the same. I’m not talking about the music, the drinks or the barnyards – I’m talking about the ratio of girls to guys. Doesn’t matter if you’re at the bar or a house party, the crowd usually resembles a slow pitch team: 13 guys to two girls. Well, if you missed Save the Party New Years 2008, you would of experienced something entirely different. Three girls for every guy. That’s even better than the old Jan and Dean song. I’m not too sure why the numbers turned out the way they did, nor do I care. I supposed the masquerade theme helped bring out the glitz and glamour, but everyone, guys included, all seemed to have spent a fair time creating unique masks. Thanks to Erin, Kirsty and the fine ladies from Ivory Event Planning for making the night truly magical.


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